My musings and experiments in Software Development, Computer Science and Mathematics.

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Thanks for dropping by. I'm Raphael - an I.T. professional with 20 years of experience in a variety of sectors.

I like to think about software engineering, the study of computer science, informatics, the mathematics underlying it all, and how we interact with industry.

Currently I'm developing in Functional languages such as Clojure, Scala and Elm. Clojure is my primary language at the moment, and I use it as the "lingua franca" in this blog. I am enjoying the experience of working in these newer languages - and I appreciate their modern views of old approaches.

If you are an employer, recruiter or looking to possibly hire me, please check out my first post which describes more about me. You can also look me up on LinedIn.

SOON you will You can find a drawing repository on my GitHub page. The content is simple, but it will be a good starting point for a number of topics to review. Over the next little while, I will be reviewing the code the and writing about the experience.

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